Copy & Content Writing

Good copy and content writing is essential for any website or marketing project. Design alone is never enough. Giving just the right amount of clear, concise information to captivate the viewer, drawing them in to find out more. If you provide too much detail, the viewer will just get bored and will move on.

I have experience of writing copy and content material from many view points in various roles I've held from corporate, PR, marketing, advertising or travel writing and even tender (bid) writing. This has enabled me to produce written material from scratch or compile it from existing marketing literature, relevant leads, research or simply talking to the client. Once completed it is returned to the client for proof reading and approval before inclusion on a website, within marketing literature or for an advertisement.

It is common knowledge that when you read articles on the web or in print there is a tendency to scan rather than read and it is therefore important that the salient information is contained within the first couple of paragraphs of any page (including any keywords for optimisation purposes on a website). This is especially true of your home/welcome page of your website which needs to cover your main service(s) and how you can help any prospective clients. It is only if the viewer has been captured or see a product or service they need that they will read beyond this first paragraph of any web page before moving on to another page or another site.

So if you've got this far I've managed to capture your interest!

Alternatively if you choose to write your own copy and content I offer an editing and proof reading service, if necessary, so that you deliver an accurate overview.