I am a qualified animator and can create a variety of eye-catching typographical or illustrative animations to enhance your site, including rolling advertisements to highlight particular messages, services or courses, that will catch your viewers eye.

These allow you to get a lot of information across in a limited amount of space and allow the viewer to click on a link if they are interested in reading more detailed information on that particular topic.

Another use of animation allows you to show multiple photographs in the form of a slide show of your premises or products. This would be shown along side the written information allowing for a clearer visual idea. Examples can be seen by visiting On The Sands Cafe & Deli or Making Changes Peacefully sites. These sites and more can be found in the Portfolio page.

Video and Audio Editing

Short movies can be inserted to allow viewers to watch your services or products in action. These are optimised so they take the minimum amount of memory, without compromising on quality. If you already have short video's on YouTube these can easily be incorported into your website.

A video editing or music clip service is also available so that highlights can be taken from a longer film or music track which your viewers can play if they choose. Your logo can be added to the video film to maintain your rights and promote your organisation.

Likewise, high quality stills can also be captured from video for inclusion. Please note that I am not available to actually shoot videos but can recommend equally experienced and trusted associates who are trained in this area. This service would be offered on an introduction basis, I do not put a mark-up on their quote, you would deal with them directly.